Our History

Image gallery 2002 - 2010.

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has been involved over the years, to all our local community friends past, present and future. 

BCAG is over 20 years old! BCAG helped launch the Brockley Max Arts Festival BMAX in 2003 – now a hugely successful independent annual festival. We organised the first Brockley Christmas Market in 2007, an event we continue to run which has grown into a major annual event. We have achieved so much in the Brockley Cross area, a legacy we’re proud of. The community gardening continues thanks to a team of volunteers.


  • 2000: BCAG was founded by a group of concerned residents who wanted to improve Brockley’s public realm through community-led initiatives

  • 2002-2004:  We commissioned the Brockley Cross Urban Design master planning initiative, which involved a major public engagement and consultation. This produced a report, design options and masterplan, which became the framework for future projects, campaigns and initiatives

  • 2003: We launched the Brockley Max Arts Festival (BMAX) now a successful independent annual festival

  • 2003: The group began to make an impact through local improvements, securing funding from Lewisham Council for the poem in steel letters on Shardeloes Road and our first community planting bed at Brockley Station

  • 2004: We proposed the creation of a community space on the derelict railway land between Coulgate Street and Brockley Station. Brockley Station Community Garden (originally named Brockley Common) was born

  • 2005: Brockley Common Steering Group was set up, chaired by Joan Ruddock MP and attended by Brockley Ward Councillors, Lewisham Council, Rail Authorities & BCAG representatives. At the same time we developed a design for the community garden and held a number of consultation events to get feedback from local residents. With Joan Ruddock’s leadership and strong community support it became a reality, once Network Rail (the owners of the land) agreed to the conversion of waste land into a garden. Once we had agreement and support from all parties things began to happen 

  • 2005: Funding secured to carry out the initial site clearance, the woodland planting which still exists today, plus a temporary meadow

  • 2006: Network Rail oversaw site clearance and demolition works, including the removal of old walls, fences, derelict shops and toilets on Coulgate Street

  • 2007: We organised the first Brockley Christmas Market which we continue to run 

  • 2008-2009: The design for Brockley Station Community Garden received planning permission. Lewisham Council secured funding for the construction of new steps, retaining walls, path and the ramp you see today

  • 2010: Following preparatory work by a local social enterprise the group organised and oversaw a major community event over two weekends, planting over 1500 perennials & shrubs in two main beds. These works were funded by the Mayor’s Fund and local donations

  • 2010: Community gardening events took place to carry out more planting and maintenance of this special area

  • 2011: We worked with Lewisham Council to implement pedestrian friendly improvements around the Brockley Cross double roundabout system

  • 2012: New pedestrian paving, widened pavements & tree planting along Brockley Road

  • 2015: Following a long BCAG campaign Lewisham Council implemented an upgrade of Coulgate Street, with planning gain monies from Langtry Court development (between Coulgate Street & Foxberry Road) and funding from TFL. This created the more pedestrian friendly street you see today

  • 2018-2021: In the last three years BCAG initiated the renovation of the main planting beds in the community garden. To begin with employing Heleniums, a local gardening company to carry out selective clearance and weeding. Since then volunteers continue to undertake further replanting of the beds and looking after the garden